Session #1
with Nate Wall
Session # 2
with Nate Wall
Session # 3
with Nate Wall

Breakout Sess. 1

Cal MacFarlane
Exploring how we pay better attention to God in the details of everyday life.
Rob Clark
Church planting, why we need innovators.
Tim Clarke
How revolutions, rebellions and revivals begin.
Dan Olson
Briercrest student stories from overseas - Pakistan.

Breakout Sess. 2

Ben Woodman
Dreams, prayers, words and actions transforming the world with Jesus.
Student Stories
Briercrest student stories from overseas - Mongolia.
Jordan Varey
Faith and disability.
Truitt Weinsz
A conversation on faith and science.

Breakout Sess. 3

Ben Woodman
Religion vs. relationship, living free and sharing the good news.
Dan Taylor
Spectacular failure.
David Guretzki
The truth about truth and reconciliation.
Grant Poettcker
Love, sex, relationships and the Kingdom of God.

Breakout Sess. 4

Student Stories
Briercrest student stories from overseas - Germany.
Charles Hackney
The psychology of religious doubt.
Denise Heppner
Following Jesus to Mt. Everest and back.
Rob Clark
Church planting, start something interesting.

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